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Marble Care

”Marble is like a relationship. If you take good care of it, it can last a lifetime. There are some things you need to know though.”


There is perfection in the imperfection

Marble is a product of nature. Mother Nature gives what she has got so every piece is entirely unique. Also, our products are handmade in smaller workshops in Turkey and India which can result in slightly different shapes per color or range. Kitchen and serving boards are finished by hand in our own workshop in Amsterdam. There is perfection in the imperfection. Little cracks and holes may be present.



The colors of our marble items are completely natural. Cool right?

The black marble collection is mostly black with white veins, but brown and grey colouring may appear. Most of our black marble accessories are high-gloss to intensify its blackness.

The white collection is natural white with grey veins and traces. The finishing is matte to keep the natural feel.Our pink marble collection can have traces of yellow or purple.

The burgundy collection is quite stable, which means the colours are mostly red and white, but some greenish and darker traces may appear. The items have a polished look since it matches the luxury feel of this range.

The green marble collection can be both lighter and darker green. These marble designs have a matte gloss finish.

Because of the uniqueness of the natural material you can imagine that the pictures used on our website are an indication of what products look like and you will never get the exact same product as shown in the pictures. Yup, the piece you get is one of a kind.



  • Always handle your marble piece with care
  • Clean it with water and a mild detergent
  • Dry immediately after cleaning
  • When you accidently spill your drink wipe it off directly
  • Embrace little stains and marks since they only add character to your marble piece



  • Don’t drop it
  • Never use bleach to clean your marble piece
  • Lemon, vinegar and other acidic products can stain the marble
  • Beetroot, kurkuma and other strong pigments can leave marks
  • Don’t let water, wine, coffee or other liquids get the chance to soak in